3M™ Littmann Learning App


New auscultation apps for students, clinicians, and educators

3M™ Littmann® Learning Institute App will be discontinued and no longer be supported. The good news is that 3M™ Littmann Learning App, powered by eMurmur®, has taken its place. It is a self-directed app for students or healthcare professionals looking to better recognize benign and pathological heart sounds, murmurs, or lung sounds. The no-charge version of the 3M™ Littmann Learning App contains about as much content as the full version of the 3M™ Littmann® Learning Institute App without the serial number/voucher code requirement. It is available to download from the App Store® or Google Play Store®. *Expanded content is available with a subscription.
3M™ Littmann University App, powered by eMurmur®, is a completely new auscultation education offering for schools. It is an instructor-led app that allows instructors to educate and assess their students on the skill of auscultation with easy access to a large library of 1,000+ real patient heart sounds, murmurs, and lung sounds. It can be paired with 3M™ Littmann Learning App to provide the trainees a bedside-like listening environment during instruction. Features include creating a virtual classroom, graduated listening modules, and group testing.
The contents in both apps are available only in English.
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