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Welch Allyn otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes have been used in hospitals and clinics for decades.  Welch Allyn continues to be the leader in ear, eye, nose, and throat diagnostics.  The diagnostic set is a necessity for any student looking to perfect the eye, ear, nose, and throat exam.  Welch Allyn equipment generally lasts the length of your career and is backed by an unconditional student warranty that lasts through residency.
The 97200-MC is the most popular student set we sell.  It includes the Coaxial ophthalmoscope with cobalt blue filter, Macroview otoscope with throat illuminator, and Nickel Cadmium convertible power handle.  The Nickel Cadmium handle can also use C-size alkaline batteries. The 97800-MS includes the Panoptic ophthalmoscope, which provides a 5x larger viewing area than the Coaxial ophthalmoscope, Macroview Otoscope, and Lithium Ion power handle.  The Lithium Ion power handle is lighter, has a 2x longer battery life, and low battery indicator compared to the Nickel Cadmium handle. 
NEW IN 2014!  Welch Allyn is now offering the 97200-MC, 97200-MS, 97800-MC, and 97800-MS with LED Lamps.  LED lamps last longer, provide greater battery life, and use SureColor technology for more accurate tissue color.  LED sets end with the letter L.
The 97150-M and Welch Allyn Pocket Junior are two commonly sold diagnostic sets on the reseller market.  Both sets are not recommended for students.  The 97150-M meets the requirement of a 3.5 volt diagnostic set but does not include the Coaxial Ophthalmoscope, Macroview otoscope with throat illuminator, or convertible power handle.  It is also more expensive than the 97200-MC.  The Pocket Junior is an export product not sold or supported in the US.  Economy diagnostic sets provide miniaturized viewing areas, low light power, and less durability.  Students often end up purchasing full size diagnostic sets later due to the low quality of economy diagnostic sets.  For students with limited budgets, we do recommend the Welch Allyn 92821 Pocketscope Set or Riester 3012 Pocket Set as these sets still contain professional aperture settings and filters in a 2.5 volt set.
A FREE EENT guidebook, pocket eye chart, learner eye, and 34 adult specula are included with the purchase of a Welch Allyn Diagnostic Set.  Please indicate your school name at check out to qualify.
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